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Becoming whole new people after being children is hard. In a sense, by failing to understand and support Asuka before Episode 16, Shinji also failed to create strong enough foundations to their relationship to prevent it from crumbling under the pressure of the defeated Asuka's resentment. It is important to remember that Asuka's only way to prove to herself her value is by being the best pilot. As for how Ogata should play Shinji Anno asks her to not play Shinji: ". In episode 11 both pairs end up in compromising positions. Unluckily, her loss is inevitable, as Shinji fails to arrive in time. He is not able get away from her because she refuses to let him go, even in spite of the negative emotions he awakens in her. In Japanese, "to hold [someone]" is a double entendre for "having sex with". In the expanded Director's Cut version of Episode 22, Anno also took inspiration from a 1996 doujin by author Nobi Nobita called Bridal Veil, which depicted an expanded mindrape scene itself. This "love umbrella" is an traditional reference to someone being paired up as a couple. Additionally, Asuka shows that she is not only aware that Shinji has masturbated to her in the hospital, but clearly implies it is in fact a habit of his. Shinji is, however, frustrated that he cannot understand them, or other people in general. In it, Asuka confesses her feelings to the man and receives a clear rejection; she is too young for him. See also the inspiration for the extended Director's Cut mindrape scene in the Notes section. Nonetheless, Eva uses this to further examine just what kept both characters from attaining happiness. Even assuming she was spiteful of Kaji, one doesn't understand the real underlying motive. The key moment in the episode, concerning Asuka and Shinji's relationship, is her loss to the latter in the synchronization test. The episode begins with Asuka feeling rejected by Kaji, then bored by the date, not feeling understood by Shinji and ends with her, once again, feeling rejected by Kaji. Episode 26: a positive version of a tear jerker . Taken aback by her caress, Shinji begins to cry. It is the first time we get a clear look at the way Asuka truly feels in relation to Kaji. Shinji visits a comatose Asuka in the hospital. Another episode that is relatively light on Asuka-Shinji. It is important to note that, in the second part of the mind-violation, Asuka denies feeling lonely and reaffirms her independent attitude. In two instances in the episode we see Asuka addressing Shinji sarcastically as Shinji-sama; first, in a burst of anger as she is in the locker room (with Rei) and then during the fight against Leliel. Asuka is unwilling to serve as just Shinji's escape and emotional crutch, and thinks Shinji is unable to return any affections and treat her as a human being. Shinji, already royally screwed up psychologically, visits Asuka as she lays comatose on a bed. Naturally, this reflects on the films of individuality and the duality of reaching out to others present in Eva. Asuka tries to make up for the inconvenience by looking for Shinji's attention, making fun of him for having issues at school (she has already completed university studies) and provoking him with her swimsuit, as she explains to him the basic concept of thermal expansion. If you cannot be mine and mine only, I don't even want you.". This is also supported in a more subtextual manner via clever use of cuts during important moments to establish a parallel between the Shinji/Asuka relationship and that of Misato and Kaji. You never say anything, and you expect me to understand you, when you don't even talk at all? After hinting at them being alone for the night, Asuka, without giving Shinji the opportunity to respond, proceeds to take her futon away from the living room bringing it to Misato's room and shutting the door. He represents all that Asuka fears to accept about herself: an insecure person always in need of other people's acceptance and love. During a dance session, in front of Hikari, Toji, Kensuke and Rei, meant to make them move in synch, Asuka accuses Shinji of being too slow to keep up with her (though the observant viewer will notice that Shinji actually follows the instructions while Asuka makes some missteps), leading her to get angry at him. Ikari Shinji/Souryuu Asuka Langley Souryuu Asuka Langley Ikari Shinji Katsuragi Misato Ikari Gendou Ayanami Rei Fuyutsuki Kouzou Original Characters Comedy Action/Adventure Multiverse 2015, Tokyo-3. Asuka tells herself that she doesn't want to die. She essentially comes to the same conclusion that Misato made earlier; Shinji will likely be greatly upset from learning the news, and she doesn't feel up to the task of shouldering the ensuring emotional fallout. [18], Hideaki Anno has also written a song that seems to be about their relationship. Her inability to accept the idea of relying on others, which is at the foundation of Asuka's personality, was what pushed her to shut herself inside Misato's room instead of seeking Shinji's company. Purpose of Scene 1#: It helps explain the negative aspects Asuka and Shinji's relationship in order to put Shinji's character flaws on display. Encouraged by his friends, Shinji follows Asuka outside and manages to get her to go back to training. The Angels have been attacking the city. Shinji believes that, if Asuka does not actively explain him everything she feels, he cannot understand her. In that instance Asuka provokes Shinji to charge the angel on his own, causing him to get trapped and nearly costing him his life. Hearing this, Anno first stands silent and confused for a moment. The obvious purpose of the scene is to express Shinji's attraction for her and to hint at Asuka's loneliness. She yells, as if to make Shinji perceive it and to confirm it to herself, as if she wants to hide some embarrassment"[5]. In what is one of the most recognizable moments of the episode, Asuka forces Shinji to join her in her mech (while also forcing him to wear her plugsuit), to fight the angel, in order to further prove to him her skill. As a result, she tries to change subjects and to talk about Kaji. Their second exchange tackles Shinji's inability to help and understand Asuka. This isn't made clear in the doujin, wherein it seems ambiguous if she's talking about Shinji or Kaji. Newtype Film Book Volume 5, dealing with Asuka and Shinji's kiss. The irony is that it's clear that as 14 year old teenagers without a purpose in life or anyone to care for them, they're both sexually and romantically attracted to each other. Bmo bubble gay. It is often only by looking at the wider details of a scene, such as background conversations or framing that their true feelings are revealed. She had been needing Shinji throughout the series, yet, due to his passivity and cluelessness, she never felt understood and supported by him. [3] During the night Asuka visits the bathroom while half-asleep and then subconsciously lies next to Shinji. This further reminds us of how important Shinji's role as Kaji's replacement is and how in need of affection and company she is. This is in contrast to Gendo and Ritsuko's relationship, who also follow similar patterns but are far more negative and escapist, with Gendo very clearly being associated as a Shinji that never got past his issues even into adulthood, particularly in Episode 21. In the original Japanese, Asuka uses the idiomatic expression "I know you've been using me as a [dish]". It's interesting to note that Shinji attacks the angel with the express intention to prove himself to Asuka, and even says "combat is a man's job", a rather offensive statement when all of his teammates and immediate superiors are women, as if he feels emboldened by kissing Asuka. Read Chapter 23: Oh my Glob from the story Y/N get in the damn Robot (Neon Genesis Evangelion x Male Reader) by Ashma_Star (Ashatos) with 263 reads. It's worth noting that, during a discussion between the two pilots, Asuka gets Shinji to admit he tried to kiss her, giving her a confirmation of his interest. Arguably the most important episode of the series for Asuka's character as we are offered an even more intimate exploration of the struggles she is experiencing. As she states that, we are shown flashes of instances, throughout the series, in which Asuka had been in need of Shinji's support: the "walls of Jericho" and the kiss, being the most relevant. When Hikari asks about him, the second pilot refers to Shinji by saying: "Actually, he's the most dense of them all. It's interesting to note that Asuka, while angry at Shinji, is not hiding her need to be understood and helped, as opposed to what she did in the real life version of the scene. It is hinted at that Shinji has yet to understand Asuka's jealousy for Kaji, as he is shown to ask Misato why Asuka is trying to avoid her. At living." The exchange in question relates to the psychological concept of shadow (one of the terms to appear during Asuka's mind-violation in ep.22). Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Another episode that deals with the theme of cooperation. Shinji trys to wake her up but fails and ends up accidentally pulling Asuka's clothes off, then there is a pause, then it returns to Shinji and he has white stuff on his hand. Not only do Shinji and Asuka miss a chance to connect further, they also fail to establish support from one other that they would desperately need as the war with the Angels worsens in subsequent episodes. However, there is plenty of evidence pointing out that it is indeed her soul inside Instrumentality, much like Misato and Shinji herself. Then he firmly wraps his arms around himself and hugs himself. When the Eva finally moves to let Shinji in, Shinji finally sees Asuka's mutilated Unit 02. Shinji sullenly insists that he did, but Asuka immediately throws it in his face, leading to "Go ahead and do it, I'll be here and watch". After a fight with an angel, a boy wakes up in in the hospital missing some of his memory, a girl mulls over some significant mistakes she made in the last week, and a grand conspiracy draws ever closer to its goal. Shinji knows nothing". Dec 9, 2016 - Explore raul guereca's board "shinji x asuka" on Pinterest. In Episode 22, above, Shinji is physically distant from Asuka, they are divided by a physical object, and Shinji is visibly tense as he is unable to comfort a visibly crying and furious Asuka. It is in fact his cluelessness that becomes the main theme of the episode. Shinji also has a conversation with Kaji, and he tells him about how different men and women are. Japanese men, as in other related manners, tend to be indirect when talking about their feelings. Shinji's line can not only be interpreted as a cry for help or promise of commitment, but that sort of expression, According to Megumi Ogata, Shinji's voice actress, the scene itself was modelled on an experience of a female friend of Anno's. The scene in question is referenced by the mind-violation sequence in ep.22 (Asuka vs Arael), with the strong implication that Asuka was in need of Shinji's support and help due to feeling lonely and (potentially) anxious for the battle of the next day. The battle of the next day proves to be a victory, they succeed in reaching harmony (temporarily). Asuka, for what it is worth, finally decides to bite the bullet and attempts to do the thing that everyone around Shinji, including herself, have been trying to avoid for the longest time, namely telling him the truth. Now we know with some confidence that Shinij is at the hospital because he is looking for the same kind of comfort and direction he received from Kaworu and Misato and because he has nowhere left to go to. However, it is the evidence presented in the show that makes it clear that they are the show's primary relationship. Their relationship grows as the show progresses, albeit subtly, as Asuka remains jealous of his abilities and disgusted by his weaknesses, while Shinji is attracted to her but also confused by her mixed messages. Harkening back to Asuka's desire to be perceived as an adult, Kaji, whom Asuka now has further confirmation is lost to her, appears, telling her again that she's still a child which Shinji also says to himself earlier in Episode 9 when he catches a glimpse of Asuka crying for her mother. Because Asuka interpreted Shinji's inaction not as simply passivity, insecurity or lack of experience, but instead as outright rejection, she feels clearly hurt about this and considers his proposal insincere, which can be heard very clearly in her tone of voice in the original Japanese, which her voice almost breaking. Regardless of this, the four main exchanges between Asuka and Shinji are worthy of individual analysis. Action Girl: Kind of. ngeles y demonios . In this scene, Asuka's uneasiness and nervousness at Shinji being on her mind, and talking about him with Hikari, is made quite clear. This, along with Shinji's improvement as a pilot, act as elements of foreshadowing for painful and negative experiences Asuka will go through in later stages of the story. This is something missing in the Angels. What both cases also have in common, is that Shinji was by all means more or less oblivious to the full extend of the harm these moments did to Asuka. Further reminding us of the main issue in their relationship; he just doesn't get it and he is too passive to make up for it. The fight of the episode offers the three pilots another opportunity, once again successful, to cooperate. Shinji enjoys it, as it allows him to see the stars, but Asuka finds it unpleasant. The first part of the movie opens with Shinji seeking comfort and attention from a hospitalized Asuka, as she is asleep (likely drug-induced) and unable to respond. [10] In the same way her hatred for Shinji could be seen as misdirected hatred for herself, so is her kindness towards him indicative of self-acceptance. Part 8 of Grommile's Kinktober 2022 Language: English Words: 1,013 Chapters: 1/1 Collections: 1 Kudos: 8 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 655 Gratitude by grommile Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka and Shinji are employed together, but she proceeds to charge the opponent on her own, forcing Shinji to cover her, with the sole purpose of proving to him and everyone else her superiority. Asuka wants Shinji to kiss her . Kaji shows up with Ritsuko, which leads Asuka, who had been anticipating his arrival, to have a jealous reaction. Shinji's equally angry and frustrated reply makes it clear what has happened; he has realized that Kaji is dead and will not be coming back, and has tried to explain this to Asuka who is by now in obvious denial about that fact.

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